Ystads IF (Sweden)


What’s in common with Mattias Andersson, Kim Andersson, Niclas Ekberg, Jim Gottfriedsson and Lukas Nilsson?
All world-class, former and current Champions League and Bundesliga stars … all from the Ystads IF Youth Workshop!

The excellent Swedish educational club do not the arrive to Tatabánya for the first time. “From the first moment we had a great hospitality and a close bond between the two clubs began to develop. The leaders and coaches of Tatabánya have visited Ystad several times since then to gain experience in developing their own youngsters, and our youngsters are competing for the fourth time in the prestigious tournament. “

“Last year’s Kanyó Memorial was a lifelong experience for our teams, and it is often talked about over the years. This year, a huge group of enthusiastic support camps came for the boys, as the parent community has loved Hungary, “said coach Mats Kleman.” Last year’s performance in the Swedish league gives us confidence in the age group. How could you start the season better than having a good run at Kanyó Memorial? “

Mats Kleman: player of the 1992 Swedish champion Ystads IF

The main goal of the Swedes this year is to ensure a level playing field for everyone, as the Swedish boys are the first to encounter such a tough playing style.