Éles Kézisuli – ÉKI


Three engagements, three gold medals – this is the Éles Kézisuli’s balance at the Kanyó Memorial. The Bakony located workshop has been known to have a strong roster in all ages, and every year they give amazing results.

With the establishment of the Éles Handball School, I have realized a dream that aims to capitalize on my experience in handball education, providing young people in Veszprém and the surrounding area with the opportunity to exercise and receive the best possible training at an early age.

József Éles, former world class player

“It was always a big push to win such a strong tournament before the championship season. It’s clear that we come every year. Unfortunately, at the beginning of the championship, we rarely play serious matches, and there is a great need for such competitions. ”

ÉKI U15 can take the cup with great confidence, and István Kovács’s team also won the Cell Cup trophy last week. István Kovács has an unrivaled routine at the Kanyó Memorial, and with the crew on his first tournament in 2013, he has a long-standing professional and friendly relationship with Dabas.

ÉKI will start with U17 team for the first time, everyone pay attention!