Kanyo Memorial Team Introductions 2023: Get to know Pick Szeged!

Perhaps we are addressing our most significant development this year: PICK Szeged is joining us for the first time! The feeder team of this stable Champions League participant has nurtured notable handball figures, including László Nagy, Dániel Buday, and Attila Kotormán.

In the past season, the Szeged leadership succeeded in securing one of the most esteemed youth coaches, Krisztián Kárpáti, to oversee the development of their academy. The remarkable accomplishments of “Kuksi” include nothing less than guiding the professional team of PICK Szeged in this year’s Champions League matches. The reins of the academy’s leadership have been handed over to Ákos Balda, who, starting this season, will take the helm as the head coach of the U18 Szeged squad.

“We predominantly have players born in 2007 and 2008 participating in the tournament. The core of the team comprises U18 players from the previous season, supplemented by a few players who were part of the U16 team last season. Given that we are a young team, our primary objective is to integrate new players and elevate the team to the standards expected by the academy. The Kanyó Memorial tournament perfectly complements our preparations before the league kicks off, particularly as it affords us the opportunity to face teams that consistently secure top positions in the Hungarian league, as well as foreign teams we haven’t had the chance to compete against before. This serves as an excellent platform to acquaint ourselves with diverse handball cultures and acquire insights that both players and the coaching staff can draw upon in the Hungarian league and subsequently in national team matches. The Pick Szeged Handball Academy is entering the Kanyó Memorial tournament for the first time, thereby infusing our team with fresh impetus and invaluable experiences.” – Ákos affirmed.

We extend our best wishes and express our gratitude for selecting us to be an integral part of your peak preparation phase!