Kanyo Memorial Team Introductions 2023: Get to know Fivers Wien!

Did you know that Vienna not only received the title of the world’s most livable city, but also earned recognition from EBA Sports for their outstanding fans?

 Their 129-year legacy showcases deep roots and rich traditions within Vienna’s community. Founded in 1894, they consider it their mission to have a positive impact beyond the realm of sport, promoting peaceful coexistence and consistently advocating for children and youths. From various sources, we’ve heard for years about the high level of Fivers Wien’s youth development.

The Viennese participated in the tournament for the first time and immediately finished in the top four. We got to know very likable coaches and players; their creative and determined handball posed a challenge for every opponent. We asked Coach Peter Wallner to give us insight into the history of Fivers Wien and introduce us to their culture, which we can once again admire this year. “The FIVERS WAT MARGARETEN is more than a club – it’s the unity of commitment, talent, and continuous excellence in handball. In youth categories, we’ve won 133 titles in the past 20 years, and our adult team consistently capitalizes on these successes.

FIVERS is a shining example of what passion and hard work can achieve. Personally, it’s the investment in youth development that truly impresses me. We compete in the Austrian top league with an average age below 20, showcasing our belief in the talent of the next generation.” Every year, FIVERS forms a solid foundation for the Austrian national team – not only in terms of players, but also with Coach Peter Wallner contributing to the national team’s coaching staff.

“The Kanyó Memorial is the tournament where Europe’s great talents can compete in an event with beautiful traditions. Clearly, this tournament is the pinnacle of our preparation. Last year, our journey led us to the semifinals, and this year we’re determined to reach that stage again. The team might be younger, but this is even more motivation for us – the youngsters this year will show that they belong in this excellent field,” continued Peter Wellner.

Well, dear FIVERS Wien, the excellence of Vienna’s famous 5th district, we can hardly wait for the Güntner Arena to once again resound with the cheers of your devoted fans, urging on your warriors!