Kanyo Memorial Team Introductions 2023: Get to know Elverum Håndball!

“We are a small village in the middle of the forest. We don’t justify anyone in the supply chain, we are forced to do good work ourselves.” And we are currently seeking partners just like this! We have admired Denmark and Sweden, but we are not familiar enough with Norwegian training. With great excitement, we announce that our Scandinavian connections have been enriched with a new prominent name: Elverum is arriving for the first time this year.

The name of the Norwegian handball city might sound familiar to Hungarian ears: after Tamás Iváncsik, Dominik Máthé also learned a lot about northern culture there, and from this season onwards, Lukács Péter, who was nurtured by PLER and won the Hungarian championship with Telekom Veszprém, is also strengthening them.

“It’s a great honor that you invited us; we have heard good things about the tournament. Our club has been established for nearly 80 years and has deep roots. We work a lot to raise with the right philosophy and mainly with our home-grown players to provide for our adult team,” we learned from Hakon Ekren, also a product of Elverum. “The arrival of Christian Berge, who later led the Norwegian national team to the World Championship final twice, was a big step in the club’s history; since then, the adult team has been improving year by year, currently under the guidance of Borge Lund. Therefore, every year the young players have to fight harder to make it to the adult team. The Kanyó Memorial is an excellent opportunity to meet various styles of handball from Europe and assess our knowledge in such a serious international field.”

Elverum’s graduates can often be found in the top clubs of Europe, gaining significant experience and willingly returning home in the later years of their careers to mentor the young talents. In recent years, Magnus Gullerud (Kolstad), Petter Øverby (THW Kiel), Erik Toft (KIF Kolding), and Håkon Ekren (Cesson Rennes) have followed this path.

“We know that we are newcomers in this incredibly strong field, but we believe that this is the only way to progress. Even if we don’t reach the podium’s top, this challenge is worth much more than winning against weak teams.”

Dear Norwegian sports enthusiasts, the EBA Sports team is looking forward to getting to know you personally!