About us – Mission and Vision

Six years ago, we decided to put our teams to the test in the final stages of summer. The last weekend of August 2013, however, brought much more: we got to know a professional Danish youth handball workshop representing the highest level of international handball, which gave our crew a new perspective.

We have reviewed our international operations so far and have firmly established our belief in building and strengthening our extensive relationship with European top leagues. Our event began to take shape, and we proved to be a great host every August of the following years. We hosted first-class Danish, French, German and Swedish teams that, in terms we didn’t know much about before – with regards to how they operate on everyday level.

We have built not only professional but also cultural relationships with several top clubs, which have been deepened year by year and have shortly become friends. We are also welcomed top Hungarian teams every year among our guests.

Over the years, our mission has been enriched with new elements – tasks beyond the realm of matches – becoming increasingly important, identifying, importing and distributing the best professional knowledge available, exploiting the opportunities offered by the digital world, and building mutual trust with local youth.

I am delighted to announce the arrival of the 7th Kanyó Memorial: our former legendary player and trainer, Antal Kanyó, has become the epitome of one of the most prestigious junior tournament in our country.

Gábor Vécsey – Lead Organizer