About Us – An Executive Summary

For the tenth year, every August is about the activities around our beloved Kanyó Memorial. Due to the difficult circumstances, we didn’t organize it in the last two years, but we’ve still worked on it so that we can continue in the future.

It would have been missed if we had let the idea go when it was surrounded by uncertainty. It also happened, that our faith in our professional concept did not find understanding ears, at other times we did not know if our event would remain afloat in the face of global threats.

In the summer of 2013, that world opened up – the Danish Bjerringbro Silkeborg arrived as a guest of the first Kanyó Memorial. Nothing remained the same afterwards – they were followed by Tremblay, Ystads IF and then Gorenje Velenje. We are very grateful for the performances so far and we are working hard, don’t let this process be interrupted! At the same time, our national partners assured us that the Kanyó Memorial will be the final test of strength for them in preparation for the championship start. This is how NEKA, Veszprém, FTC and, of course, Tatabánya, the home of “Tónika”, became permanent participants in the tournament.

Every year we learn and make new allies. Our goal is to immediately recognize the global trends present in the sport of handball, as well as to share and flow knowledge through proven methodologies. It is not less important that the young athletes who compete on our tournament to have a lasting experience and to prove ourselves as an excellent hosts throughout Europe.

Gabor Vecsey – CEO of EBA Sports